Branding, Web Design

What do you get when a sea-lover meets a beer-lover? Truly exquisite craft beer, light and packs a punch of flavor, Brew Whale Craft Beer is all about seizing the day and living the moment to the fullest. When exploring the brand story and trying to understand the vision of the founders, we realized that the brand mascot must be reflective of the traveler in them. Both the founders are happy-go-lucky individuals who in their wide travels have explored and understood the international craft beer market.

Sketching the whale, we decided to give it a characteristic of being eternally joyful. And while at it, explored a unique direction, where we drew a front-facing whale. An uncommon trope, yet with symmetrical waves as its smile and happily curved eyes, the front-facing whale is a perfect encapsulation of the brand mood. While the initial inclination was to adopt a cool blue into the brand, we decided to further stand out with the color choices. Representing the authentic origins of craft beer, we opted for earthy brown and for a fun, youthful appeal, the rich orange was perfect. Overall, the brand communication across platforms represents vibrant youthful energy which is symmetrical with the nature of the founders and the audience which they wish to cater to.



Brand Strategy – Roshni
Design – Sayali
Website – Anthony