Red Hawk


When Saurabh briefed us about his venture into the formal property valuation and advisory market, we had an idea that perhaps, the best way to make a dent in this serious industry was to position the brand as bold savants, wise beyond the years.

Being consultants and advisors, an important attribute is to have an eye for the details and advise with a relaxed boldness. When generating business name ideas, the demeanor of the hawk came in mind, with a sharp vision and a bird’s eye view, the hawk swoops to capture its prey with ease and confidence. Attaching the color red to the hawk draws attention to the new powerful player in the industry.

In the wordmark, the hawk icon is placed comfortably between the type to further cement the relaxed boldness of the brand. Utilizing the negative space in placing the icon symbolizes the discovery of hidden opportunities and the potential for untapped growth.


Brand Name – Roshni
Brand Design – Sayali