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Wander into an energy of endless possibilities

Sonal Maherali, a Kenya lifestyle influencer stands for everything that is Africa. Inspired by the feisty lion, the sprawling grasslands and the golden sun, the label borrows from the allure of Africa and represents its indomitable fighting spirit.

Crafting the brand Sonal Maherali meant tapping into the bold soul of luxury to create an identity that exudes confidence and a fierce lust for life. The face of the African lion with pristine symmetry was the most striking fit.





R: 174 | G: 142 | B: 48
C: 31.37 | M: 38.85 | Y: 100 | K: 5.8


R: 255 | G: 255 | B: 255
C: 0 | M: 0 | Y: 0 | K: 0


R: 0 | G: 0 | B: 0
C: 0 | M: 0 | Y: 0 | K: 100

The mighty lion, proudly struts in the grasslands, holding his mane high against the African sun. The Shopify store was an ode to green savannahs with each item being showcased as magnificently as the proud lion. Made for the fearless risk-takers, the store is all about understated, pristine luxury.

Feeling lush is the experience of luxury. Epitomising the lush life experience, our product line lays empphasis on using top-tier quality fabric, exquisite stitching and clockwork attention to detail.


Design Strategy – Vish
Content – Roshni
Branding -Russel
UI Design – Sayali
Shopify Store – Supriya